Describe the Working Relationship Between Actor and Agent.

This is part seven of our nine-part interview with Brandi England from Vancouver's agency "Ignite Artists". 

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So I guess once an actor has come on board with any agency, I'll use Ignite for an example because that's what I know, we determine their career path. If they have absolutely no experience, we'll try and get them some background work so they can learn the jargon on set, so they feel comfortable when they do actually go to an audition.

We offer some free workshops, and then there's bigger paid workshops out there as well that you can work with the casting director and they'll teach you how to audition. So it depends on the agency. Everyone's different, but we really focus on the education because the more you learn, the more prepared you are and the more comfortable you are going into it. So we try and build a career path or make a roadmap for their careers. So we would start definitely with background while you're taking some schooling.

Schooling is very important, education's important not only because you'll learn the ins and outs, but you're learning from actors that are well-seasoned, so they can tell you the goods and the bads and it can fast-track your career. Yeah, a road map for success is really important. I know that sounds cliche, but I really think it is, for any profession, especially actors because there's such a vast array of things that you can do.