How Forgiving is Vancouver’s Movie Industry and How Important is it to Invest in Yourself?

This is part four of our nine-part interview with Brandi England from Vancouver's agency "Ignite Artists". 

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You know, that really depends on the casting director. It depends on who you're impressing. But, it also depends on you. I mean, I've made several mistakes in my own life and then I've shown up, apologized for them, put my best foot forward, and showing them that I really am serious about it. I always talk about at Ignite, invest in yourself.

I say that to every young person I meet, invest in yourself. And if you show people that you're willing to educate yourself, do workshops, put in the time, energy, and money to show that you're a professional, then I think you can overcome anything. But, obviously that depends on the casting director at the end of the day. If they've just decided that you're not it, then it could be that you're out. It's a very difficult industry to say that there's no hard line in it.