Who Needs an Agency and Can You be Successful Without One?

This is part three of our nine-part interview with Brandi England from Vancouver's agency "Ignite Artists". 

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I mean, that really depends on your big vision. But I think that everyone needs an agent. They just kind of help direct your career, especially at the beginning when you're just getting your feet wet in the industry. So, I think everyone. People can sign on to different websites and self submit, but there's a lot of complicated things out there. You have to go through about 250 special skills, for example, to be a background worker.

That way you can get paid more. And if you lie about those or interpret them wrong, you can actually make big mistakes. And then, because there's so few casting directors. I mean, there's a lot of people that want to be in the film industry in Vancouver, but there's so many people out there but such a few groups, such a small group of like casting directors, that you really want to impress.

So, if you submit yourself for the wrong things too many times, they'll kind of push you off to the side because there's so many other people that are doing the right thing and want to step in. So, you have to be careful with that. That's why I suggest an agent.