Social Media Headshots

These days, you need a high-quality headshot for your social media presence. In the age of personal branding, recruiters, employers and business partners routinely check social media profiles to form an opinion about you. What does your headshot say about you?

Knowing this, and the importance of social media and public image for your career, my goal is to give you a competitive head start. Let me present you in the best way possible. Not fake, not exaggerated, just the real you. The best version of yourself.

Shall we get started?

What is in Your Session?

  • Up to 2h of shooting time (not counting make-up, etc)
  • As many looks as you like
  • 1 professionally retouched image, sized for social media 
  • All images of your session, un-retouched, in web-friendly resolution
  • Additional retouched images available at additional charge

Session Fee:  $249

Additional Services

  • Makeup-Artist: $140
  • Makeup & Hair Stylist: $190
  • Additional retouched images: $30 per image
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Session Details

We will shoot a variety of looks, we typically aim for four, to give you as many options to choose from as possible. There aren’t a specific number of shots per look. Instead, we will shoot each look until both we all agree – yes, that's the one.
Don't worry that you will stand in front of the camera for hours, only to find that you like none of the finished images. In our headshot sessions, you will be part of the editing process. Together with us, you will take a look at each and every shot and decide whether you want to keep it or scrap it. There will always be shots that are "almost there" – that's where we will tweak, adjust, and shoot again until we hit perfection. By taking part in the editing process and approving of each shot along the way, you can be sure that the headshots you take home will be ones you are perfectly happy with.
In the end, there will usually be several hundred shots, and you will get a selection that you have personally approved. Those will be uploaded to your personal password-protected review and proofing area, where you can take a look at them after the session to further narrow down your choices, and pick specific headshots to use for specific purposes. You will also be able to share the page with your friends, family, agents, casting directors, or anyone else you wish to consult.​


Retouching is a very important step, and an art form in itself. If done badly, it can ruin even the best of photographs. Low-quality retouched shots often feature unnatural-looking skin, freakishly white teeth and eyeballs, etc. To make sure that the quality of our work remains uncompromised, we do all our retouching ourselves. We respect our clients and our own work too much to cut corners. Also, we consider our retouchers among the best in their field, with years of experience in the fashion, modeling and headshot industry.

Returning Clients

We offer a discount to our returning clients – $100 off the standard session price (that's over 20%). And the best part is, this discount applies retroactively! That means that you can enjoy this offer even if it wasn't around when you were first shooting with us.

Headshot Nirvana, 343 Railway St, Unit B1, Vancouver, BC V6A 1A4. 604.800.0245