Interview with Brandi England from Vancouver’s “Ignite Artists”

In our series of interviews with local talent agencies, We were fortunate to sit down with Brandi England from Ignite Artists to talk about the state of Vancouver's film industry, and how to break into it as an aspiring actor.

Part 1: Tell us about yourself and Ignite

[...] Ignite is all about taking a young person or an older person, anyone who's acting or anything in the film industry, and not only helping them follow their dreams but to build a sustainable career for life.[..]

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Part 2: What exactly is the role of an agency?

[...]there's different types of agencies for sure. Some just focus on background work, and a lot of them focus[...]

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Part 3: Who needs an agency and can you be successful without one?

[...] there's so many people out there but such a few groups, such a small group of casting directors, that you really want to impress.
So, if you submit yourself for the wrong things[...]

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Part 4: How forgiving is this industry and how important is it to invest in yourself?

[...]if you show people that you're willing to educate yourself, do workshops, put in the time, energy, and money to show that you're a professional[...]

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Part 5: What is the difference between an "agent" and a "manager"

[...]tradtionally when you think about it, some actors or musicians would have both. They'd have an agent and[...]

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Part 6: How do you submit a portfolio to an agency?

[...]there's various ways that you can. I think the most common is through[...]

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Part 7: Describe the working relationship between actor and agent.

[...]once an actor has come on board with any agency, [..] they determine their career path. If they have absolutely no experience, we'll try and[...]

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Part 8: How important is "personal branding" for aspiring actors?

[...]branding is huge especially for people that are just beginning and really want to take acting seriously[...]

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Part 9: What is coming up for Ignite Artists?

[...]we're launching a series of free workshops over the next year. We've partnered with[...]

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