About Vancouver’s “Ignite Artists” Talent Agency

This is the last in our nine-part interview with Brandi England from Vancouver's agency "Ignite Artists". 

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Well, I'm really excited because we're launching a series of free workshops over the next year. We've partnered with some amazing headshot photographers, we've partnered with some great teachers, casting directors, producers in town, and they've offered to come in, even some people from the union, to come in and talk about it.

So you need to be informed about whatever choices you're making, especially in an industry that's this vast. If anyone ever promises to get you the gig based on you giving them money, don't do it. Those of us that are really passionate about you and your future are going to invest our hard work and time, and then we get a commission if we get you the paid jobs. So I would just say just be cautious, look around before you choose anyone, and look for a company that offers training and things like that, and you can trust that really cares in your future.

And that's kind of why I'm proud to be part of Ignite. I know that we're investing in their future and hopefully they believe in us. So yeah, that's it.